Our new, special steam vs gas AW750G plate type heat exchanger officially put on the market . First 3 unit would install on Aug 2019. 

This new AW750G is specially for Steam application after normal Water vs gas model AW750.

Also our New AA1000 got technical breakthroughs for gas vs gas market.

New AA1000 size is 1200mm  x 1200 mm thickness is 1mm and can make draw depth 16mm. 

New AA1000 can offer High, Low and Middle theta plate to get more K value and low pressure drop 

First New AA1000 modual export to China for housing assembly and can be ship to end client on early of May 2019.

Another 2 biggest unit would ship also to Formosa plastic company Taiwan on End of May 2019


New AW750G and New AA1000 can increase our sale and margin from this year